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Icon created this 2002 Honda Reflex 250 for its Bikes of Icon customization program, drawing influence from the maxi-scooter culture of Shinjuku and Shibuya. It’s a fairly accurate replica of the scooters you’ll find there and it’s really cool to see a company like Icon — more often associated with urban motorcycle culture —bringing this style stateside. But, it screwed up in two important places.


Details like the swingarm (extended by 12 inches), 600-watt audio
system, zero-lean bodykit, oversized wing, nitrous bottle, quilted
leather seat and air suspension are spot on. The first problem arrives
with the paint: garish and over-the-top in a cartoony way, it doesn’t
complement the Reflex’s lines in the way eagles, flames and missiles,
or even just matte black would. If it’d been us, we’d have just painted
it hot pink and called it a day.


The second problem lies in the decals. No, not just because of the Parts Unlimited one, but because they failed to print
authentic mirrored logos for the right side. This ruins the bike’s
crucial symmetry and means that, when checking themselves out in a
Harajuku shop window, they’ll be unable to read their sponsors’ names.
Honestly Icon, get with the program.


Thanks for the tip, Kurt.

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