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Very few bike gear companies understand the value of good advertising. Alpinestars just takes awkward pictures of its racers while other companies have such low production standards that we wonder if they aren't employing high school students. Not Icon, it has the best ads in the business, witness this video for the midrange Alliance SSR Tyranny helmet.

While we find the graphics on the advertised helmet pretty tacky, the
ad is beautifully produced and understated, if a bit straight forward. We really can't do it
justice by embedding it at 415px wide, so head over to YouTube to watch
it in full screen HD and see what we're talking about.

laughable compared to Iceberg-renting car ads, the production standards
on Icon's video clearly indicate that it's invested thousands
of dollars in producing it, which leads us to ask questions. Why is
Icon producing such nice ads when it's utterly unable to distribute
them? Where's the online campaign to promote this content? Where's the
social media push? Where's the follow through? What's the value in
making stuff like this if no on sees it (or you rely on one of our
readers tipping us off so that we run it)?

Icon via MotoFlash

Thanks for the tip, Matt.

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