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Ever wondered what two and a half decades of reduced weight and increased power looks like? Well, thanks to the interactive chart below the jump, you now do, probably in far more detail than you thought possible.

As this graphic is currently setup, weight is on the vertical axis,
horsepower is on the horizontal and torque is represented by the size
of the bubbles. The year is controlled by the slider at the bottom. You can click through various layers of data and change
the parameters to suit your liking.

Where possible, all this data was provided by the manufacturers and is
quoted as dry weights (with the exception of recent Suzuki and Yamahas,
where the companies have switched to quoting wet figures) and crank
horsepower. The data represents figures for a given manufacturer's
top-of-the-line superbike, so in the case of Ducati, that's the 996R,
999R, 1098R etc.

The best part is, this is an open project. If you feel there's an
omission or error, you can edit the data in this Google document or
leave a comment here and we'll fix it.

Special thanks to Ivar at for compiling all this data. 

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