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Started over 9 years ago by Japanese bikers in search of the perfect ratio of More Protection, Less Power Ranger for daily riding, Iron Heart's denim jeans and jackets are nothing short of impressive. Using industrial zippers, 21 and 22oz denim that's over 25% heavier than vintage Lee's and Levi's at their densest, both jeans and jackets sport a mostly classic American fashion with modern tapered lines and black on black materials.


Iron Heart's goods don't come cheap though, with a pair of jeans costing anywhere from $265 to $350 and the Rider's Jacket hitting $400. Just remember, these are the kind of Grandpa-tough jeans constructed to last a life time of hard wearing, not like that dinky stuff from the Gap that barely lasts a season. We know those are track gear prices in terms of safety, but how many of of us can wear leathers to work without being mistakenly escorted to the daycare center?


The best part is they're actually available in the States at the legendary San Fransisco shop Self Edge. We'll be taking the 9301 Slim Super Black Jeans, naturally.

Iron Heart

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