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Unveiled at the Bangkok Motor Show this morning, this Zoomer X is Honda Thailand’s take on a replacement for the popular 50cc scooter known as the Ruckus in the US. In production for a decade now, the current Zoomer still looks fresh, largely thanks to its elemental design; exposed frame tubes aren’t covered in any bodywork and two round headlights are as close to “styling” as it gets. This concept ditches that simplicity for plastic cladding around a similar exposed underseat area.

Information out of Bangkok is scarce and Honda’s only official line describes the Zoomer X as “a fun new concept with unusual design, designed to accommodate the lifestyle of teenagers.”

The Zoomer was first unveiled in 2002, going on sale in Japan and America in 2003, before being introduced in Europe over the subsequent several years. The exposed frame design is intended to facilitate user customization, which is good, because it’s nearly impossible to store anything there without the aid of at least a bungee net. Otherwise conventional, the 50cc scooter is limited to 30mph in stock form but can reach 45+ by simply changing pulleys. Performance, practicality and styling mods are extremely popular.

We’re kinda hoping that the Zoomer X is simply a misguided effort by Honda Thailand that won’t impact the vehicle being sold elsewhere. Imposing questionable styling onto such an elemental concept will only ever result in diluting its appeal. There’s already dozens of plastic-clad, enclosed scooters on the market, why homogenize the Zoomer by making it identical to the rest of them?

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