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All the bikes below — this cafe racer, the street trackers, the hill climber and the scrambler — all look just like normal Deus Ex Machina, that’s no coincidence, they were built by the Australian builder’s new shop in Bali. There’s one thing very different about them though: none has an engine larger than 225cc, they’re freakin’ tiny.

The Bali Dog

The “Bali Dog”, is a distant cousin of Deus Australia “”Drover’s Dog- all dick and ribs just like the barking mutt trotting around the temples at night.
This Yamaha 225 is ticked out with all the bits including- Chrome Scrambler bars, Brown Gum Grips, Chrome/Black Datona Tako and Speedometer, Harley Davidson Headlight, Nitro Head Studded seat, Small Square mirror set, 19 inch rim in the front (2.5 inch wide),18 inch rim in the back (3 inch wide), 350 tire in front, 400 tire in back, Daytona 36cm rear shock, Black Alloy bullet blinkers, Polished Engine/Mat Black Head, Small Chrome Fender in Front, Customized W650 Chrome back Fender in back w/  Brake Light, Custom retro foot pegs, K N carb filter, Exhaust Wrap, Custom Exhaust.

Spec List

Yamaha 225cc engine
Chrome scrambler bars
Brown gum grips
Chrome/Black  Daytona Tacho and Speedo
Harley Davidson headlight
Nitro Head studded seat
Small square mirror set
19inch front rim (2.5 wide)
18inch rear rim (3 wide)
350 front tire
400 rear tire
Daytona 36cm rear shocks
Black alloy bullet blinkers
Polished engine with matte black head
Custom chrome small front fender
Customized W650 chrome back fender with brake light
Custom ‘Retro’ footpegs
K carb filter
Exhaust wrap
Custom Exhaust
The Bali Dog 2

This new generation 'Bali Dog' shares many of the same specs as its older brother, but has received an overall refinement worthy of its second-generation title.
Spec List
Yamaha 225cc Engine
Chrome Ventura handlebars
Brown gum grips
Chrome/black Daytona speedo
Harley Davidson headlight
Custom ‘mini bubble’ seat
Rounds mirror set
19inch front rim (2.5 wide)
18inch rear rim (3 wide)
350 front tire
400 back tire
Daytona 36cm rear shock
Chrome bullet blinkers
Polished engine with matte black head
Small chrome front fender
Custom chrome rear fender with round tail light
Custom ‘retro’ footpegs
K Carb filter
White exhaust wrap
Custom Exhaust

Bukit Climber

Spec List
Yamaha 225cc engine
Ventura flat tracker handlebars
‘Bubble Gum’ grips
Harley Davidson headlight
CB400 front shocks and triple clamp
SR400 shock covers
Fish eye mirror set
Custom blinker set
Braided brake lines
250 x 18 TK alloy front rim
425 x 14 custom rear rim
Bridgestone front tire (120-80/18)
Bridgestone rear tire (180-80/14)
YZ125 front and rear hubs
Custom exhaust with cone muffler
Mikuni VM26 Carb
K Carb Filter
Racing CDI
Custom seat
Kitaco adjustable rear shock
Extended TW200 rear swing arm

Café Racer 225

This bike has been in and out the workshop more times than certain celebs and rehab. Not that it’s broken down. It’s actually a new bike. The boys have just been riding it and tweaking it and then riding again for what they called “R”.It never made it to the powder-coater's nor the paint booth or even the wash bay, but you know what? We reckon that it has a certain 'unfinished' charm about it. Kinda bare bones chic in its natural state, without embellishment or refinement.

A new Cafe Racer has been on the books for some time now. So when we received a shipment of parts from Japan, it was time to strip the donor, find some goodies and build us something fast lookin'.

Spec List
Firestone Classic Tires -  450x18 rear -  350x18 front
Custom aluminium alloy tank and fairing
Nitro head bubble studded cafe racer seat
Custom made exhaust
Daytona piggyback 34cm shocks
Daytona Black speedo/tacho
Alloy LED instrument panel
Aluminium clip on handlebars
18inch alloy rim with stainless steel spokes
Extended S400 swing arm
K racing air filter
Custom LED tail light
Bullet style blinkers
Yamaha 225cc engine


Our Inari is out and we are damn proud. Hard to imagine this was once a 1976 Honda CB100. She's soooo beautiful with her green metal fleck hand painted tank, Ventura “BSA Style” Handlebars, Front suspension from Yamaha 225, chopped 5cm, 32cm ‘Old style’ Yamaha rear suspension, hand made seat and optional surfboard rack we think that our Bengkel guys have once again outdone themselves and we are as proud as punch.
The name “Inari” comes from the Japanese god of rice.
Spec List
Rebuilt Honda 1976 CB100 Engine bored out to 180cc
88mm aftermarket piston
CDI added

All engine bolts swapped for stainless steel

4.5 inch chrome headlight from Japan
Deus custom headlight bracket
Smoked alloy Indicator lights from Japan
Daytona speedo and bracket
Easyriders ‘Early Tail-light’ from Japan
Ventura “BSA Style” Handlebars
Kitaco handlebar controls
Clip-on mirror
Relocated ignition switch
Custom battery housing
Brown ‘British ribbed’ -style grips
Front suspension from Yamaha 225, chopped 5cm
32cm ‘Old style’ Yamaha rear suspension
Alloy rims: 18” rear, 18” front, with stainless spokes
Swallow tires, 120/80 × 18 front and same for rear.
Custom galvanized Tank
Custom seat upholstery
Rear frame section modified to accept seat and shortened 3 inches
Hidden horn and rectifier/regulator
Front converted to ‘Flower disk brake’
Re-wiring of whole bike
Original rear hub swapped to Yamaha 225
Custom built Swing-arm made from steel tube.

Deus Bali

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