Japanese_Spiderman.jpgThe wholesome ways of Peter Parker always left us a bit cold, but the same can't be said for motorcycle racer by day, web-slinging crime fighter by night Takuya Yamashiro. Not only isn't he a gun-averse pansy, but he also pilots giant robots in battles with giant monsters. By now you're probably not sure what we're talking about and, quite frankly neither are we. Luckily for us both the first episode of Japanese Spiderman follows the jump.

Currently running on Marvel's website, Japanese Spiderman was actually
created under license by Toei company in 1978. It's important not only
for giving Spidey some balls, but also for popularizing the concept of
giant robots battling giant monsters in Japanese culture. The series
also apparently introduce the concept of multi-scale monster battles;
Power Rangers has much to thank it for.

And, yeah, yeah, yeah, wow, we're totally impressed by Takuya's custom Suzuki.


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