john-deere-concept-motorcycles-.jpgWe're not sure why John Deere, manufacturer of lawn mowers and tractors, is such a popular inspiration for custom motorcycle manufacturers. Perhaps builders are looking for a level of ruggedness and functionality so long absent from the cruiser world. Unfortunately, their attempts to grasp that rugged ability tend to end with a lick of green metal flake paint or maybe some yellow powder-coated wheels. Realizing this, designer Balaji Rengarajan has adapted the tractor firm's design cues to work on functional, practical motorcycles.
>Going deeper than just the green and yellow colors, Balaji's brought
over the rounded squares, hidden mechanicals and user-friendly
ergonomics, creating the sport, dirt and touring bikes seen above.

We're not sad to say we'll probably never see a real John Deere
motorcycle. But if you're looking for agricultural ruggedness and
stop-at-nothing ability, just point your browser in Rokon's direction.

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