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Both Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo have been wearing Dainese D-Air leathers in races since last month, but last weekend's MotoGP round at Brno was the first time either rider has crashed while wearing the airbag-equipped suit. It's impossible to definitively declare that the airbag is responsible for Lorenzo walking away injury-free, but doing so is a rare occurrence for the crash-prone Spaniard.

While the in-suit airbag (unlike previous versions, there's nothing
visible on the exterior, the suit just gets bigger when the bag
inflates) did deploy correctly, it didn't deflate as intended; taking
15 minutes instead of the programmed 10 seconds to do so. Had Lorenzo's
bike not been disabled in the crash, the inflated suit would have
prevented him from rejoining the race. Dainese continues to refine the
D-Air system using data from Lorenzo and Rossi's experience with it.

via TwoWheelsBlog

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