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We like Julien Dupont's freestyle trials because it's the antithesis of the overly sponsored, lowbrow corporate stunting that's currently rife on cable television. Instead of some rednecks with little regard for their own safety and a couple of dirt bikes, Julien's "freeride everywhere" approach directly tackles the same obstacles and audience as skating, BMX and other accessible urban sports. As such, a mainstream audience is able to understand and appreciate what Julien does in a way that's much deeper than "holy shit, those guys are crazy."

Instead of limiting his riding to finding new ways to risk his life,
Julien finds inspiration for his stunts from places like the artistic
crimes of Philippe Petit (Man on Wire), seeing urban landscapes that we
take for granted as a series of obstacles and opportunities.

Here, Julien rides through Athens, using its ships, streets, docks and shopping malls as his playground.

Julien Dupont

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