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To celebrate the release of Red Bull in France, freestyle trials rider Julien Dupont has ridden over CNIT. What makes this impressive isn't the difficulty involved, but the lack of corporate organization and budget. Dupont, with the aid of friends, just threw his bike over the security barrier at one end and rode over the unsupported concrete arch — something we’ve often contemplated doing. The video follows the jump.

I'm in France taking advantage of their first-rate medical
system and slow pace of life while I recover from last week's crash.
Red Bull was banned here until this week because of its taurine content, a
substance not considered fit for French consumption, as it's derived from the spinal fluid of bulls in its organic
form. And, as every English
farmer will tell you, the French are paranoid about cow-related
diseases. Because of the success of non-taurine-based rivals here, Red Bull
finally decided to offer a French-market version of its popular energy
drink free of the controversial substance.

All this is relevant because Red Bull loves sponsoring adventurous
athletes like Dupont, implying that too much caffeine and sugar
inspires them to jump out of planes without parachutes and complete
Hydrojumps. We don't know if they were informed of the CNIT stunt in
advance, but we are big fans of Dupont's guerrilla style regardless. Any
motorcycle stunt that combines a van-based escape plan with modernist architecture will always be a
winner in our book.

via Caradisiac Moto

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