Kawasaki Concept J — First Photos Of Electric Four-Wheeler


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Remember the Yamaha Tesseract? Well, here's Kawasaki's take on the leaning, four-wheeled motorcycle theme. The Kawasaki Concept J was unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show today and previews the brand's electric future.

The idea here appears to be that the Concept J can grow long and narrow for high-speed stability on the open road, or short and wide for agility on city streets. In typical operation, the two rear wheels sit very close together, with the front wheels spaced out. But, when you park it, the fronts mimic the rears so the Concept J can access typically narrow motorcycle parking spaces.

Kawasaki concept J
Kawasaki Concept J

With a separate handlebar for each front girder, we're not quite sure how you're meant to operate this...thing, nor do we understand the purpose of the rear shark fin other than, well, being a shark fin.

Kawasaki concept j
Kawasaki Concept J

Totally bonkers? Clearly. But the unspecified electric drivetrain supposedly powering the Concept J is likely the whole point here. Like the other major Japanese manufacturers, Kawasaki will be getting into electric motorcycles in a big way in the very near future. Just expect them to have two wheels.

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