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With duties extending beyond looking good in jodhpurs and busting drug dealers masquerading as punk rock bands, modern police forces need a motorcycle that can delivery safe high performance and all-day comfort. Enter the Kawasaki Concours 14 Police, which combines 155mph speed with low operating costs and advanced safety features in the form of ABS and traction control.

Kawasaki also says, at $16,000 to $22,000, the Concours is at least
$2,000 cheaper than comparably-equipped BMW R1200RTs or "equivalent"

Upgrades include a tighter turning radius than stock, adjustable
speedometer, a second wiring harness with room for 12 circuits, a second
battery and a 41.5 amp alternator. There also appears to be some
heavy-duty crash protection.

We've ridden a Concours 14 up to an indicated 150mph and taken it
through some pretty challenging corners and can report that we
definitely would not want to see one of these in our mirrors with its
lights flashing. Making 153bhp and 100lb/ft of torque thanks to a
de-tuned ZX-14 engine, the ZX-14 is fast enough to worry liter bikes in
real world conditions despite its prodigious 661lbs weight. On the
800-mile ride from LA to Moab and back it never once felt uncomfortable
either. On second thought, can't cops just stick to aged Crown Vics?

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