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A light bulb just clicked on at Kawasaki HQ. "Hmmm," someone said, "we're green and green is in right now, but if only there was a way for us to emphasize how green we are." We'd imagine there was a pause, maybe a few emails or phone calls were made, then someone shouted "Eureka! We're green and green, get it? Our bikes get really good fuel economy."

After the champagne bottles and confetti were swept away and everyone
returned to work the next morning with a really bad headache, we're
imagining group of web developers in India was contracted with the task
of building a new micro-site capable of emphasizing Kawasaki's green
credentials. Well, that site is now completed (great work team, here's
a less than minimum wage bonus), we can tell you just how green
Kawasaki is. Very.

Kawasaki sells 23 motorcycles in the United States that return over
35mpg in the combined cycle. And not just dinky little duel dual sports like
the 70mpg KLX250S either. The revised 2009 Kawasaki ZX-6R gets 43mpg,
while the totally awesome Versys -- more fun and practicality than you
can shake a leafy green limb at -- returns 53mpg.

With high gas prices driving ever-increasing new motorcycle sales,
you'd think more manufacturers would be pulling out all the stops (and
we mean more than silly micro sites) to sell the public on the good,
clean fun offered by powered two wheelers. Bikes are cheap (good for
ex-Lehman Brothers employees), bikes are fuel-efficient (oil hit $130 a
barrel yesterday), they cut through traffic (good for fleeing the
zombie apocalypse) and more importantly, they're really fun (good for
freedom-loving Americans). Get on it people.

Kawasaki MPG

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