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Looks like Kawasaki is leaking things itself now, according to, which snagged these photos and details off the manufacturer’s European website, where they were published for a brief time. The Kawasaki W800 is a 773cc version of the venerable W650, itself considered a better take on the classic Triumph Bonneville than the new Triumph Bonneville itself. You know what to expect: a reasonably powerful parallel-twin, “meh” suspension and tires, but ridiculously good styling and neat retro details.

Update: full details in a Kawasaki PDF embedded below.

As this is a “leak” there’s not a lot more information for now. The whole shebang weighs 220kg/485lbs (not clear if that's wet or dry), which is par for the retro course, but still pretty disappointing for what could be a truly awesome motorcycle. Indeed, that’s sort of the feeling with get with all these retro roadsters. Sure, they’re pretty affordable, but they’re built more for a look than they are for actual riding, which is a shame, looks like this in a package that could actually perform? That’d be a killer app. But of course, this is why the W650 was and the W800 will presumably be such a popular basis for customization, the fundamentals of greatness are there, they just need some help coming to light. We expect to see Deus Ex Machina churning out kick ass customs based on the W800 by next summer.

And before you ask, no, this probably isn’t coming to the states. Despite the success of the kinda-rare W650 on the used market, the bike was never marketed correctly here and therefor wasn’t a sales success, but the company blames that on the bike, so we lose.


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