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Kevin Ash is arguably England's most respected motorcycle reviewer. Writing for The Telegraph, one of the country's largest newspapers, he experiences a level of editorial freedom most American journalists don't even know they're missing and combines that with the kind of in-depth technical knowledge and meaningful insight that leaves us awestruck. So when he says something about a bike, we listen. And what he's saying about the 2010 Honda VFR1200F isn't good.

Update: MCN's saying pretty much the same thing as Kevin.

Update 2: Failing to continue the Orca metaphors, Superbike calls the VFR "a bit of a lame duck."


Heavier and less powerful than a BMW K1300S? Check. Less flexible than
a BMW K1300GT? Check. Too heavy to be a sportsbike? Check. Not
comfortable enough or equipped with enough fuel capacity to be a
tourer? You can see where this is going. American Honda has yet to
announce a price, but in England it'll cost £11,500, slightly more than
the 2010 Ducati Multistrada 1200, which will start at $14,995 here in
the states, and much more than the $12,399 Sprint ST (US, before all the deals and
incentives) that Kev suggests you're better off with.

Has a year of hype, all the crazy engine technology, the dual clutch gearbox and the controversial styling really only amounted to a mediocre bike?

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