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It might be legal to sell kid's bikes, ATVs and parts again. The CPSIA has finally seen reason and granted a stay of enforcement. The problem is, that stay of enforcement might only be temporary and doesn't apply to state and municipalities, who could still choose to bust dealers for violating the act. Yeah, things are still crazy.

Nancy Nord, the pedantic Republican chairperson of the Consumer Product
Safety Commission, was finally persuaded to grant the stay due the
these three arguments:

- that the ban could lead to more children riding vehicles designed for adults, putting the children at greater risk of injury

- that the standards of the law are excessive when compared to restrictions in Europe

- that lead is an integral component in certain parts of motorcycles and A.T.V.'s.

We're shocked that "CPSIA is freakin' insane" is not one of those reasons.

While this does mean that Nord won't send her goon squad out to slap
dealers with $15 million fine, it does little to clarify things with
the law itself and its other potential ramifications. Nord encouraged
the MIC to continue to pursue a revision of the law in Congress, which
is likely to be a long process.

We'd encourage any dealers to seek legal advice before reinstating the
sale of machines designed for children under the age of 12 and parts
for those machines.

via The New York Times

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