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Longtime makers of some of the best and most affordable crash protection available to motorcyclists, Knox is expanding into glove production. The Knox Handroid gloves are the flagship of the new Hand Armour range and incorporate new technologies designed to make your hands safer. Immediately visible is the hard-but-flexible exoskeleton that cushions impacts and appears to prevent hyperextension of the fingers. there's also protection for the vulnerable, but hitherto unprotected scaphoid (the bone that connects your thumb to your wrist) and a ratchet lacing system to achieve a perfect fit, preventing the glove from flying off in a crash. A gel honeycomb structure provides impact protection for the wrist. We've come to rely on Knox's back protectors in our daily riding and have even been told one saved us from paralysis in a crash; it's exciting to see that kind of protection finally coming to gloves. Another picture below.

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