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Actually that headline is a bit exaggerated. Project K Racing, competing with no factory backing and very little money, is finding the dirt track circuit challenging. But it has the right idea. By converting a KTM 950 Super Enduro R cheaply and easily into a competitive flat track racer, it hopes to make the sport more appealing to more manufacturers and more sponsors. We'd love to see more motorcycle manufacturers — aside from Harley-Davidson, which runs a factory team — compete in flat track racing with modified production machinery. The small ovals and shoulder-to-shoulder racing make for a great spectator sport and an even better way to showcase under-publicized adventure and enduro models.


The team hopes to capitalize on the durable nature of the LC8 motor to
keep running costs low. Stock, it makes comparable power to heavily
breathed on XR750s, so with basic inlet and exhaust tuning it should be
capable of easily outpacing the Harleys. There’s a huge disadvantage
with experience though, Project K must work out suspension geometry and
fueling difficulties as it races. 2008 is their first season on the
oval, hopefully they'll start winning later this year or early in 2009
and we'll see much more alternative machinery start competing in the

Project K Racing

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