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Perhaps the most interesting thing about these concepts, created by industrial design students at Austria's FH Joanneum University, is the way they're able to coherently adapt KTM's identity to a diverse range of products. Diversification is currently KTM's product goal, with the company working with its biggest investor, Bajaj, to develop everything from affordable commuter bikes to Dakar-challenging SUVs.

The project's brief directed students to design "2, 3, 4 or no wheel"
vehicles that could logically fit into KTM's brand 10 years from now.
At that we think they've been very successful.

The most relevant design is probably the KMT AX "off-road sports
vehicle." KTM has said its developing a similar vehicle, codenamed New Haflinger, which will be a half truck/half quad designed to perform
both on-road and off, its being tipped as a Dakar Rally competition
vehicle that customers will be able to buy. The AX concept successfully
translates current KTM design elements to an aggressive new vehicle,
providing a hint at what the New Haflinger could look like.

The KTM Barracuda hydrofoil is also interesting. Vehicle designers
often enjoy designing boats; it gives them the opportunity to express
their ideas in broad, uninterrupted forms free from such constraints as
wheels and passenger packaging requirements. The Barracuda is an
interesting expression of forms established on the KTM X-Bow, but hear
simplified for a still-aggressive, yet more cohesive result.

The most logical extension of KTM's current range is the 360° electric
city bike, so named for its ability to do bar spins. Such a
street-legal, stunt oriented bike using an environmentally friendly
powertrain could be the ideal thing to bring kids off their fixed gears
and onto motorcycles. Think the tires look funny? That's because
they're based on the airless Michelin Tweel prototype currently under
development by the French tire manufacturer.

Providing a logical development for an existing sport, Watercross, the KTM CX imagines a bespoke water motocross vehicle that's
sort of a snowmobile/Jet ski hybrid. As Watercross gains
popularity, a machine like this could be produced to take part in that
competition and provide the leisurecraft market with a fun new

FH Joanneum  Thanks for the tip, Travis.

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