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KTM won its 10th consecutive Dakar victory this year, racing 5,903 miles through Argentina and Chile in the process. But, the total distance travelled by KTM vehicles, including support trucks, during the course of the rally actually totaled 49,710 miles. Here, KTM breaks down some more facts.

- 10th consecutive title for KTM
- 3rd Dakar title for Marc Coma to equal the three titles of Cyril Despres
- 5 stage wins to Marc Coma
- 3 stage wins to Cyril Despres
- 5,903 miles through Argentina and Chile
- 15,869 feet, the highest point of altitude crossing the Andes
- More than 155 miles driven over an altitude of 13,000 feet
- Hottest temperature: 108° in the shade in the Chilecito region
- Coldest temperature 36° in the Calama region
- 33,000 lbs of spare parts transported by the three KTM trucks
- 3,090 gallons of fuel used by the three service trucks and three support cars
- 1,004 gallons of fuel for the KTM bikes
- 80 liters of oil in total
- Total amount of miles in KTM vehicles (bikes, trucks and cars) - 49,709 miles in 14 days
- 60 rear wheels and 60 front wheels for the KTM bikes
- During the 14 days (336 hours) of the rally no member of the KTM teams or support staff had more than 60 hours sleep
- Number of liters of drinking water consumed by the team and support staff: 370 gallons

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