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The KTM 250 SX is so good off-road that it reverses the usual order of things; the dirt is for riding on, the road just a bit of waste ground on the side. Created by DDB&Co Istanbul for KTM Turkey, this ad won the Bronze Aslan award at the 2009 Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival for its subtle, subversive message. It's good to see some of the attitude and style demonstrated in KTM's notorious video ads make their way to print, now let's just hope this kind of thing will find its way westwards. Our only criticism is that the KTM orange in the photo doesn't pop at all, necessitating the KTM branding in the upper left. A bright, vibrant orange bike would eliminate the need for that logo and do a better job of expanding the message across all KTM dirt bikes and not just the 250 SX.


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