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KTM has announced that it will not field a factory team for the 2010 125GP season, effectively ending its involvement in GP racing. KTM will continue to participate in the Red Bull Rookie's cup, largely because those machines require no further development and are largely funded by sale of energy drinks made from extract of bovine testicle. The money saved by quitting 125GP will be redirected to campaigning the KTM RC8 R in Superbike racing, but no word of anything outside the German IDM series.

Thumbing its nose at Dorna, KTM stated:

KTM has decided to adjust its motor sport strategy in the area of road racing for the coming racing season. As well as an expansion in the area of youth development programs at both international and national level, the Austrian sports motorcycle manufacturer is strengthening its activity in the area of series near motorcycles.

Oh snap. The impetus of that oddly worded paragraph seems to be "near
motorcycles." Hinting that 125GP in general and Dorna in particular has
lost touch with the kind of motorcycle racing motorcyclists want to

This effectively leaves 125GP as a promotional tool for Piaggio, which fields bikes under the Aprilia, Gilera and Derbi banners.

This is the latest in a long run of things that KTM has quit, first
there as 250GP, the The Dakar, now this. Is this part of a money saving
strategy or a recognition that road racing, at least at non-MotoGP or
SBK levels, has little impact on sales?

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