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KTM has drawn up its own proposal for a four-stroke 250GP replacement. Unlike Dorna's nonsensical, but probably inevitable, 625-650cc four-stroke formula, KTM wants to see 500cc twins replace the current 250cc two-strokes. Not only is this capacity historically resonant in GP racing, but it also defines a unique class with plenty of clear separation from both MotoGP's 800cc prototypes and also production-based Supersport racing.

While many fans and some teams feel that Dorna's proposal is simply too
similar to other racing classes, it does have the support of the
Japanese factories and will dramatically reduce costs. It's unclear how
realistic KTM is being by countering with its own ideas, but we'll find
out this weekend when all the teams are meeting with series owner
Dorna to decide the future of the 250GP class.

In addition to the 500cc engine size, KTM envisions keeping costs down
with a 16,500rpm rev limit, steel con rods and a fixed price on bikes
and parts. The series would remain exclusively prototype-based and
would ban any form of traction control. Here's hoping KTM can get this

via MCN

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