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Noooooooooooooooo! We'll admit that was our first reaction upon hearing the news, but with further consideration, it doesn't sound so bad. With the SUV at least, KTM will be sticking with its race-ready product philosophy by building a half truck/half quad hybrid intended to embarrass sportscars on the road and win the Dakar rally off it. Codenamed New Haflinger (a Haflinger is a small Austrian horse that's half working breed and half Arabian stallion), the vehicle is expected to be tiny by SUV standards and be available in both open and hardtop varieties when it goes on sale in 2010.


The city vehicles won't be quite as exciting performance-wise, but will
be equally innovative. Relying on its recent link up with Bajaj, KTM is
readying three vehicles: a small car, a scooter and a trike, all three
of which will be available in electric, diesel or gasoline flavors.

A factory insider described the project to CAR magazine, "While car
makers like BMW/Mini, Toyota and Mercedes/Smart are still looking at
isolated regional solutions and at derivative vehicle layouts, we have
mapped out a simple yet sophisticated modular global concept which is
tailor made for all applications.

"We recommend four wheels like a car where the roads are wide enough;
slim yet stable three-wheelers for more confined spaces; and safer,
partly covered two-wheelers for very tight environments.

"The electric option allows all three KTMs to go zero-emissions from
day one, the modular vehicle architecture offers the full model
spectrum from emotional to pragmatic, and the Indian connection ensures a highly competitive cost pattern."

Additionally, a 300bhp version of the Audi-engined X-Bow, seen above, is also expected in the near future.

via CAR

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