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To create the Kawazuki, the skull fetishists at Icon took a 1979 Kawasaki KZ1000, modified the frame to accept a monoshock, then bolted on the front end off a Suzuki SV1000, the swingarm and rear wheel from a '92 GSX-R750 and the shock from that SV. At the same time, mounts for rearsets were welded on to the frame and the engine was given a 1075cc Wiseco big bore kit. The end result isn't loyal to any sort of historically accurate tuning, it's just a kick ass custom bike that updates the classic lines of the KZ with visually functional modern parts. We particularly like the contrast between the white powdercoated frame and wheels and the '70s bodywork. It kinda looks like someone's owned the bike since new and modified it piece by piece to keep it competitive.


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