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Brought to you by the same people as last year's L-R-G Hayabusa, this Suzuki Gladius gets a similar winterfresh paint scheme, but a very different style of tuning. Where that Busa was the ultimate expression of the established street-tuning style, this Gladius actually manages to achieve something new, pointing the way for a possible future spin-off model direct from Suzuki. What's impressive here is how few modifications were required to turn the Gladius into a supermoto.

Essentially a tacky paintjob, MX fender, RM-Z front end, modified
swingarm, Excel wheels and LeoVince exhaust, the transformation is at
once simple and effective. Of course, the elimination of the stock
Gladius's ugly rear sets, license hanger and exhaust helps a lot too.
We just wish they'd left off the tacky gold bits.

The ease with which this Gladius was transformed into an attractive
supermoto points the way for Suzuki's own development of the model. If
it could achieve something similar straight from the factory, it could
offer a low-budget, stylish entry into the beginner bike market;
something that could offer a more distinct USP over bikes like the
Ducati Monster 696, Yamaha FZ6R and Kawasaki ER6-n.


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