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While we've got a bunch of feature content from our trip to Labrador on a BMW F800GS and BMW R1200GS cooking, we figure'd you'd like to see some of our best iPhone photos and videos from the trip. This is material we (mostly I since Grant had to take nice pictures with his Leica and Rollei) shot along the way, representing an off-the-cuff look at our trip. Photos above, videos below, including my best David Lee Roth impression and Man Skills 101. 

R1200GS Flyby

A panoramic view of our favorite campsite.

Wes versus the F800GS's unnecessarily difficult centerstand.

A humpback whale jumping, as seen from our campsite. We also saw Orcas, which are new to Labrador waters.

How to split a log with a knife.

How to make a fire with a knife and a cotton ball.

With luggage mounted on the pillion seat, I had to mount the F800GS this way every single time. Grant never stopped laughing.

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