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By adding two driven tracks to the front of a snowmobile, Ludovic Lazareth hopes to redefine winter speed. Replacing the traditional skis, the tracks will provide additional traction under acceleration, which will increase cornering speeds, eliminate slides and make it possible to get on the power earlier.


Anyone who’s ridden a traditional snowmobile knows that the experience
is dominated by power slides — fun, but ultimately not the fastest way
to go around a corner. Think of the way in which cars like the Subaru STI and Mitsubishi EVO have redefined what performance cars are capable
of. Their all-wheel-drive systems have replaced the tail-happy nature
of traditional supercars with less dramatic, but faster cornering, also
making higher speeds accessible to the less talented. We would expect
the same from the Snowtrack.


Currently just a concept, Lazareth is known for wild one-off trikes,
quads and bikes, so we wouldn’t be surprised to see a working prototype
once winter rolls around.



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