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Bolting the supercharger from a Mini Cooper S onto a Harley derived V-twin probably isn’t the most logical route to increased power. As you can see, there’s a few packaging issues. Ludovic Lazareth completed this bike the day before the Paris show, so he’s not yet had time to get dyno figures. But expect significantly more than the stock XB12S’s 100bhp.


In addition to fitting the blower, Lazareth added single-sided front and rear suspension, featuring adjustable steering head angle and swingarm length. It’s rumoured that this could form the basis for an upcoming electronically adjustable suspension system capable of radically altering geometry on the move.

The bodywork isn’t as well resolved as the engineering. The tail is neat, featuring integrated lights in the seat unit, but the front reminds us of something you’d find in a late-‘90s German parts catalog.
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