Lazer Monaco Carbon: the lightest flip-front ever


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The Monaco Carbon Helmet is a new modular helmet from a small company called Lazer, a company that has been making helmets for almost 100 years. At 1500g it is the lightest modular helmet to date reports WebBikeWorld and is made from a mix of a carbon fiber shell and a plastic chinbar/visor piece. The next lightest modular helmet is the Schuberth C3 which weighs 1550 grams.

The Monaco Carbon also includes 3 different reflective 3M Scotchlite zones as well as a rear 3m Scotchlite reflector. It comes with a Lumino Photocromic pinlock face shield that I'm told does an excellent job of adapting with the ambient light to keep visibility at a maximum, going dark in direct sunlight and clear in the dark. While I would imagine that a modular helmet offers wonderful ventilation as you can just lift the whole face up, this one also comes with front chin vents on the visor, two vents on the brow, and air extractors on the side and back for ventilation while the visor is down. The helmet meets DOT certification.

We'll be comparing the Monaco Carbon and Schuberth C3 Pro in the very near future.

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