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The idea behind the Lazer SuperSkin helmets is based on human anatomy. In order to reduce rotational forces on the brain and neck in an impact, your skin slides across your skull. Traditional helmets act like the skull, absorbing impacts and preventing penetration. They've also sought to reduce rotational injury through clever use of shapes, but have traditionally lacked any further anti-rotational mechanism. By applying a sturdy lubricated skin to the exterior of its existing helmet range, Lazer hopes to advance helmet safety beyond impact only. Let's let an elderly British doctor explain things.

Lazer says that the SuperSkin should be as tough as a traditional
helmet shell, meaning it'll stand up to stones thrown up by other
vehicles or the occasional pigeon impact as well as extremes of weather
and temperature. Common sense says that you probably shouldn't slash it
with a knife. The weight penalty is expected to be less than 100 grams,
but, before fully accepting this as a genuine innovation, we'd like to
know if it could work with the heavy external ventilation on helmets
like the Arai Corsair V.


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