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Haven't had enough of the Ducati 1198 yet? Good, because this dealer information document breaks down its technical enhancements in as-yet-unseen detail. Curious about the double-ribbed undercrown pistons, the gearbox that's been lifted straight from the Ducati 1098 R or the weight-saving Magnesium cam covers? Then read on. There's also a breakdown of exactly how the traction control on the Ducati 1198 S works.

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We're impressed by the depth of enhancements made to both bikes;
despite retaining the same frame and bodywork this is far more than a
facelift. We only wish they'd done something about the derivative
styling, the 1198 still looks too much like a video game designer
couldn't afford the license fee to use a Yamaha R1 and instead mashed
together a collection of generic superbike styling cues. Hopefully
that'll be addressed in two years' time, either with a completely new
model or at least a comprehensive redesign. Despite its very impressive
performance, a 916-level design icon the 1198 is not. Thinking of
buying one? Check out the 2009 Ducati price list.

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