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For many of us, going custom is a lot like getting tattoos. Most jobs either go overboard, look really really bad or wind up making a nice bike ugly. In the end, it's about moderation, a keen sense of style and above all else, tastelfulness. While LeoVince's new engraving option for all their exhaust systems opens yet another door to eye-sores even a mother couldn't love, we're still really excited.


We've seen some pretty incredible custom programs before, but most end up on the skimpy side. The thing that makes the LeoVince sytem different from any other is that as long as the art work is black and white in a vector file, the design is 100% up to the customer.

While this means we'll soon be forced to look at even more dragons, wizards and half-naked fairy princesses, we're betting we see just as many elegant, witty and smart designs too. For example, what if the owner wanted the cracked earth pattern in the shot above repeated in the circled 23 graphic on the exhaust? Completely doable, just like the quirky, mustachioed rabbit below.

The company is planning to launch a new interface in the following weeks. We're told to expect something similar in functionality to the mini-site for AGV's Rossi Face helmets. We've got a CBR600RR ABS on reserve that clearly needs a new exhuast. We'll keep you posted.


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