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Over 150 people entered the contest to design Amarok-Agni racing a new triple clamp. So many good entries, in fact, that Michael Uhlarik and the Amarok crew had a hard time picking a winner. As such, they’ve prepared a list of favorite also-rans, which you’ll find in this gallery.

Initially equipped with a pretty ugly item off a late-model Kawasaki, the team needed a triple clamp that could do the rest of the Amarok P1’s design justice. It needed to be light, of course — the P1 weighs just 325lbs — but also fit with the rest of the bike’s innovative, few-parts-serving-many-purposes philosophy.

The winning design, weighs just 569 grams, while its exposed webbing and arcs, according to designer Danny Tas, “personify the Amarok fuselage philosophy.” As a bonus, it’ll be easy to machine and its shape makes it exceptionally strong.

Amarok will be realizing Danny’s design, rewarding him with an iPad 2 and team swag. Danny also penned something Michael’s calling “Ye Olde Amarokian Triple Clamp” and might incorporate it if he ever decides to enter victorian steam engine racing.


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