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One Friday morning every January, a bunch of people in New Jersey wake up early, get in their cars and drive to Manhattan's extreme western perimeter where they ditch the puffer coats for leather jackets or club vests and enter a poorly-made glass building where WiFi costs $30 a day. Inside, they listen to a bunch of frozen mid-level managers from Orange County (not the one in NY) explain to the other assembled Orangites how excited they are to be in New York City, presenting new products to mainstream media. At least that's what they think they're saying through the deafening noise of stand assembly and forklift beeping. After the cue cards go away, attendees wander the basement, catching a glimpse of bikes that were unveiled at other shows in other countries months previously. If they hurry, they can beat traffic back to the Lincoln Tunnel. This year, our friend Matt ventured into the boat show's basement and returned with these pictures.

Photos: Matt Stutzman

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