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Delft design graduate Maarten Timmer sees one problem with electric motorcycles: since they look just like their petrol-driven counterparts, potential customers compare the performance of electric with gas and come up nonplussed. It's a valid criticism, while bikes like the Zero S and Brammo Enertia are a lot of fun, it's hard to make a case for them in comparison to cheaper, faster internal combustion rivals. Maarten's solution is to take advantage of the electric drivetrain to create a dynamic look that'd be impossible otherwise.

While we see clear design influences from the Tucson BT550 Superlegerra
in the front fairing and the Confederate Renovatio concept in the seat
unit, the negative space in the middle of the "tank" and underneath the
seat provide a significant differentiation to typical sportsbike

We'd have liked to see Maarten go one step further and rethink the
relationship between bike and rider. While the faux tank looks great
and should function well -- providing a grip for the rider's knees --
it's an unnecessary design anachronism for an electric bike. Small
battery packs and motors that can be placed very low in the chassis
offer the possibility of a Gurney Alligator-style feet-forward riding
position that could provide an even more radical differentiation from
gas bikes while offering significant performance advantages. It's that
possibility of fundamentally altering the archetypal motorcycle shape
that has us so excited about electrics.

Maarten Timmer

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