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Mac Motorcycles has just announced itself to the world with a range of cool little café racer concepts. All are powered by the air-cooled single-cylinder 500cc engine out of the Buell Blast housed in a bespoke tubular steel backbone frame. They seek to combine a light weight with accessible performance and looks that successfully lean more towards retro-influenced than hopelessly out-of-date. Mac intends to produce the bikes in "small batches" for the UK, North American and European markets with prices ranging from $12,700 to $16,000 depending on spec.

There are 4 different models; 'Spud', for dossing about on, 'Ruby', the motorcycle equivalent of 'the girl-next-door', 'Pea Shooter', for squirting to your favourite pub and gassing with your mates and the 'Roarer', a modern-day dinosaur-chaser!

We think our favorite is the Pea Shooter for its clip-ons, rear seat
cowl and high-level exhaust. All the bikes will make 34bhp in stock
form, but optional engine upgrades can take that up to a reliable
50bhp. The machines look ripe for customization too; doubtless there'll
be a range of parts available from the factory as well as compatibility
with the usual aftermarket bits.

Mac is the fruit of a collaboration between successful furniture maker
Ellis Pitt and upstart studio Xenophya Design. The company is based in
Upton-upon-Severn in Worcestershire.

We think the idea behind Mac and its four bikes is brilliant, but worry
that UK production is leading to too high a price tag to capture
first-time bikers in search of an accessible, but high-spec motorcycle
or existing bikers looking for a fun second bike. We're still hoping
that Roland Sands gets round to offering an affordable kit for
converting existing 450cc dirt bikes into cheap and stylish street

Mac Motorcycles

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