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Photos: Mark Jenkinson

Machineart describes the design of the R1200GSM as "lean, flowing, faster."  Essentially a restyled BMW R1200GS, the new bodywork is supposed to resemble muscle tissue. Machineart hopes this concept can indicate a future direction for more emotive design on BMW's so-functional-it-hurts GS range, presumably pitching themselves to the company as a design consultancy and rapid prototyping firm as well as promoting their aftermarket bolt-on range.

"The primary goal of the GSM project was to take the GS to the next
aesthetic level and make it look lighter, smaller and more agile than
the current product," states Machineart. We have mixed feelings about
the design, while a more roadster-like, but still tall GS would be kind
of cool, we don't see what new solutions are achieved by the GSM. Is it
more practical, faster, better handling, more aerodynamic? It needs to
be one of those things, because the look of its bodywork is more dated
than that already employed on the GS.

A more successful approach might be adapting the appealing designs of
exotic bikes like the HP2 Megamoto and HP2 Sport to point the way
forward for BMW's more mundane machinery. After all, styling is
shallow; performance always looks good.


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