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Tasked with promoting this season's round of the (very domestic) International Motorcycle Show, ad agency IdeaBrand came up with the idea of making motorcycles out of people. Flexible female people, to be exact. A simple idea with complicated execution. Each bike required multiple Yoga instructors, dancers and aerialists, plus makeup artists and the usual photo circus. Each bike took up to 15 hours of work to create, with the models holding the poses for up to two minutes.

Here's a breakdown of the work required:

- The models at the shoot were dancers, yoga instructors, aerialists and circus performers
- Number of hours each bike shot took from beginning to end:
Harley: 15 hours
Ducati: 18 hours
KTM: 13.5 hours
- Number of air brushers on set: 8
- Number of massage therapists on set: 2
- Maximum amount of time a motorcycle pose was held: 2 minutes
- Minimum: less than 10 seconds
- Hours of behind-the-scenes video footage: 30

The show itself starts next month in Atlanta, before touring around the country. You can find out more at

Here's the gallery link.

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