10 Elbow-Dragging Marc Marquez Wallpapers From His Rookie Year


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The youngest MotoGP world champion ever has inarguably changed the sport. His raw speed and unchecked aggression returned much-needed excitement to the series in this, his rookie season. That no-holds-barred attitude is reflected in his signature style: elbow down. Here's 10 Marc Marquez wallpapers of him doing just that.

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Marc Marquez and Dani Pedrosa - Action
Marc Marquez and Dani Pedroso at Losail International Circuit, Qatar. Marquez placed 3rd in this, his first-ever MotoGP race.

Photo: Gold&Goose

Marc Marquez
Marquez being pursued (unsuccessfully) by Pedrosa at Losail.

Photo: Gold&Goose

Marquez during FP3 for the US Grand Prix at Austin's brand new Circuit Of The Americas.

Photo: Christiann Pondella

Another shot from FP3 at COTA, Marquez would go on to win his first MotoGP race this weekend.

Photo: Christian Pondella

Looking down from COTA's observation tower.

Photo: Christian Pondella

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