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“This is a one-off concept motorcycle that very well could be the base for a coming Ducati,” Marcus Carlsson tells us. As the name suggests, he’s Marcus Moto Design, a one-man custom bike company based in Stockholm Sweden. The F1 Tracker is based on a Ducati 996, but draws inspiration from a 1975 Ferrari Formula One car, hence the huge air scoop. Like the other modifications, that scoop is there for a reason.

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“The F1 Tracker concept developed from a vision of the ultimate slim, nimble, lightweight and powerful street bike,” continues Marcus. “Taking the already light and tiny Ducati 996 superbike and giving it a minimalistic treatment with new ergonomics for great handling in the city or on the local supermoto racetrack.”

“The slim design vision out ruled any side mounted air intakes as on the original 996. Inspiration from 1975 F1 Ferrari shows both in paint scheme and in air intake shape and placement.”

“The all carbon fiber one-piece bodywork shows a new aggressive design with clear inspiration from both 1970s F1 cars and 1980s crossers. Carbon fiber bracket arms for the radiator and side-mounted headlight as well as the air intake design are never seen before solutions in the motorcycle industry.”

“The concept shows how an no-compromise ducati supermoto/dirt track racer for the street could look like. The concept could very well be transformed into a production model with shape and size still intact for a customer category that wants a no compromise racer for the street.”

“The design of the triple tree and the position of the handle bar was to get the airscoop as close as possible to the main body. The wheels are Ducati 848 originally. Brakes are Brembo radials. The Ohlins fork is custom made with latest World Superbike cutout design on the legs. The unique carbon fiber bracket arms that hold the radiator and sidemounted projector light have an organic shape. Battery and all electronics are located underneath the seat inside a carbon fiber box for easy access. The bodywork is easily removed with only 6 bolts. The "seat" is all carbon fiber but another upholstered version in brown leather is planned so the future owner can choose how hard he wants to ride.”

Marcus plans to sell the F1 Tracker. If you’re interested email him on Price on request.

Owner: Marcus Moto Design (for sale)
Year and Make: 2010,  F1 Tracker
Model: Concept
Built by: Marcus Moto Design
Time: 6 months full time
Chroming: None

Year: 2001
Model: Ducati 996
Displacement: 996cc
Type: 90 degree V-twin fourstroke, 8 valves, injection
Power: 115 HP @ 9250rpm
Torque: 96 Nm @ 7000rpm
Radiator: Ducati 999
Airbox : Marcus Moto Design with F1 air scoop to press cold air down the airbox
Exhaust system: Marcus Moto Design 2-1 pipe, Austin Racing silencer

Molding: Carbonfibre bodywork, Marcus Moto Design
Painter: Arnold’s Custom Art
Color: Inspiration from Ferrari 1975 F1

Year: 2001 Ducati 996
Builder: Ducati / Marcus Moto Design
Modifications: 11 unused brackets removed for clean look

Bars: Fiddy minibike
Risers: 3D CAD, Milled, Marcus Moto Design
Triple trees: 3D CAD, Milled, Marcus Moto Design
Fenders: No front fender, Rear fender included in bodywork
Headlight: Sidemounted projector light
Taillight: Clear glass LED
Turnsignals: As option
Rearsets: 3D CAD, Milled, Marcus Moto Design
Brake Gear levers: 3D CAD, Milled, Marcus Moto Design
Electrics: Ducati loom, simplified by Marcus Moto Design
Gas Tank: Steel gastank under bodywork, Marcus Moto Design
Seat: Carbonfibre Marcus Moto Design, leather as option
Subframe: Marcus Moto Design
Electronics box: Carbonfibre, Marcus Moto Design
Main brackets: Carbonfibre for radiator and sidemounted projector light, Marcus Moto Design
Forks: Ohlins Upsidedown, Special made by Ohlins
Rear: Ohlins

Front: Ducati 848
Size: 120/70HR17 Avon Pro Xtreme Rain Tyre
Rear: Ducati 848
Size: 180/55HR17 Avon Pro Xtreme Rain Tyre
Brakes: Radial Brembo as on Ducati 1098

Marcus Moto Design

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