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Mat Mladin has had enough of the ridiculous rules, unprofessional management and extreme disorganization of AMA Pro Racing. The six-time champion will be retiring at the end of this season. Despite speculation that he would follow Ben Spies to SBK, Mladin says the retirement is from all racing. He's also planning to sit out this weekend's  American Superbike race in Topeka over safety concerns.

Regarding Topeka, Mladin says, "So Topeka today! 170mph turn 1 and you
can hit the concrete with your shoulder, which leads to turn 2 head on
into concrete which leads to turn 3 where a wall has removed and if you
run off the track you go into a 10ft deep ditch. The track seem willing
to do work but the wrong people are advising what to do and
unfortunately I do not wish to die or be busted up waiting for that
work to be done. Some riders are saying that the work will happen in
stages. It's the reason why some places we go now are still bad.
Because riders wont stand up and be counted. Amazing how great they can
ride a bike but be the most gutless people I have ever known.

Mladin has also attacked racing publications like Road Racing World for
failing to ask the tough questions of AMA Pro Racing, "These r the
journo's that really cause the probs. By bringing up 12 month old

The racer owns Bike Gear Warehouse, a successful motorcycle business in
his native Australia. It's  expected that he'll return to running that
at the end of this season.

via Mat Mladin and Superbike Planet

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