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The FIM has definitively stated that Azhar Hussain's role as both the organizer/promoter of TTXGP and the CEO of Mavizen (a company producing electric racing motorcycles) was not a factor in its decision to part ways with TTXGP. Much speculation and rumor has inexplicably indicated that the perceived conflict of interest between Azhar's two ventures was what caused the split. We say "inexplicable" because, while Azhar does stand to make a small profit from sales of the Mavizen TTX02, the TTXGP rules in no way make it the ideal electric racing platform and the entrepreneur has committed not to enter his own team into the series.

Asked, "Can you tell me if the Mavizen-bike was part of the reason for
FIMs decision to start the e-Power-series without Hussain/TTXGP?" The
FIM answered, "Not at all." While we've asked them to elaborate further
on the reasons why they did part ways with TTXGP, the FIM has declined
to offer further comment.

The fear seems to be that Azhar holds the power to bend his own rules in favor of the Mavizen TTX02. There's two problems with that. One; that would alienate the teams he needs to race in the TTXGP and reduce its status on the world of stage. Two; the TTX02 is a great basic platform for teams that can't currently develop their own chassis, batteries, motors or all three, but it's very far from making the most of the series' rules. Not only would the RC8 frame get in the way of any battery hot swapping, but it can barely hold two of Team Agni's motors and an 11kw/h battery pack. As competition heats up, more motors and therefore more battery capacity will likely become the name of the game.

While we acknowledge that having the same person or organization
function as both theĀ  organizer and promoter of a racing series and
hold a financial interest in selling bikes to teams competing in that
series is far from a theoretically ideal arrangement, we also
realize that electric racing is a tiny, tiny movement that wouldn't
currently exist at all if it weren't for that person, Azhar Hussain. As
electric racing grows in its number of participants, races, sponsorship
and importance, we hope that its organization will move towards the
traditional model of separate organizing and promoting bodies with
the rule makers fully separated from a financial interest in the
success of any particular machine or team, but we also understand while
a lot of those duties currently fall to a single person; he's the only
one willing to do it.

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