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Maxtra Racing may produce a road-going version of its new 125GP racer according to team manager Garry Taylor. “We have always had the idea of developing the Maxtra as a production racer, and it looks very much as though there will be a ready market,” he wrote on the company’s website. The bike will the first from China to participate in international racing and uses a number of innovative engineering solutions that should make it very competitive from the start.


The biggest innovation is the downward pointing cylinder (the engine is
a two-stroke single). A solution that Maxtra claims improves air
intake, makes more room for the airbox, simplifies the exhaust route,
improves gas flow and alters the center of gravity. It also uses
reed-valve induction, which should offer make it less sensitive to
climate changes than a disc-valve unit and smooth out the bottom of the
rev range.

The chassis was developed along side the engine to optimize air
management by the legendary Steve Harris of Harris Performance. Few
other details about it are known, but Steve describes it as “a starting
point…but it’s come out very well. It’s very pretty and fully


John Surtees, who is also involved in the project, has secured the
involvement of Formula One aerodynamicists. Who believe they can find
further performance advantages in a wind tunnel.

The team will be track testing the bike and securing sponsors and
riders throughout the remainder of the year with the aim of competing
in the 125GP class in 2009. Should they find success, it could herald
the beginning of a major new player in not just the motorcycle racing,
but also in the world of road-going sportsbikes.

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