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The fallout from The Dakar rally switching to a 450cc capacity limit for bikes isn’t just KTM getting pissed, then designing a new bike, it’s that privateers will be able to adapt a wide range of existing enduro machinery into competitive entries. This CR450X conversion comes from France’s Meca System.

Designed by Yacouba Galle, who was the rider in that controversial/epic KTM Super Duke commercial and who also penned the MV Agusta Bestiale, the new front fairing is meant to resemble an African mask, referencing the Dakar’s african roots.

Other modifications include a fuel tank that doubles as the rear subframe and seat. This means the size of the stock tank can be reduced, making room for a new, larger air filter designed to cope with the Dakar’s big mileage. The new bellypan doubles as a water reservoir.

The all-up weight should be under 150kg/330lbs and Meca System is currently developing a physical prototype.

Yacouba Galle

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