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Making 101lb/ft, 144bhp and weighing 652lbs (wet), the 2013 Yamaha FJR1300 is pretty much the same as the old FJR1300, which debuted wayyyyyyyy back in 2001. Same frame, same motor, same most things. But, this new bike does have LED running lights and a long list of features! Anyone? Anyone?

Here's what the new bike has that the old one didn't:

- traction control (yes, the old bike also weighed 650lbs, which is in itself a form of TC but bear with us)
- cruise control
- switchable riding modes
- USD forks (along with electronic suspension adjustment, these appear to be optional)
- electronic suspension adjustment (ie selecting pre-programmed settings for carrying a passenger or luggage
- LED clocks
- at 6.6 gallons, a smidge more fuel capacity
- LED running lights
- Many more marketing buzzwords and acronyms

Here's the photo gallery.

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