Michael Czysz, the founder and CEO of MotoCzysz, will be racing his electric superbike at Laguna Seca in support of the US Grand Prix. This will be the second ever race outing for the 2010 MotoCzysz E1pc, it's just returned from winning the Isle of Man's TT Zero, and a rare opportunity to see the CEO of the company and the designer of the motorcycle actually race it. And yes, he expects to win.

"I cant even articulate what it will mean to race a MotoCzysz at
Laguna," Michael told us. "I am very excited, I am very nervous; it will
undoubtedly be very overwhelming. I am far less concerned about the
physical race and far more worried about emotions of the event.  I hope I
can stop crying long enough to see turn 1 semi-clearly."

Michael has previously estimated that the E1pc should reach 135mph in
Laguna's fast turn 1, so let's hope he can see.

The E1pc reached a top speed of 141mph while lapping the Isle of Man's
tight road (as in real roads) course while only using around 40 percent
of its throttle. Laguna Seca should prove far more suitable for electric
motorcycles than the 37.7-mile Mountain Course, where battery
conservation, not speed, was the chief concern. The much shorter race at
Laguna should allow Michael to more completely employ the bike's 100bhp
and 250lb/ft of torque (continuous).


American rider Mark Miller rode the MotoCzysz at the TT, so this will be
the first time Czysz will race the E1pc. The former AMA 250 racer is no
slouch (as you can see in this picture), he's currently the head
instructor at the Skip Barber Superbike School and recently completed
some pre-race testing at Laguna with Eric Bostrom.

"[Eric] says I'm on form and up to pace, so what the hell. It's pretty
official, forms have been sent, assuming no licensing hang-ups, I will

Michael and the E1pc will be taking part in the FIM e-Power race at
Laguna on 24 July as a one-off entry. Ultimately, the MotoCzysz isn't
competing against the other electric bikes -- it should easily blow them
away -- but instead for the imaginations of motorcycle fans. If any
electric motorcycle can convince people that they're the future, it's
this one.

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