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The new Schuberth Race helmet will be radically lightweight and aerodynamic thanks to input from seven-time Formula One World Champion Michael Schumacher. The helmet maker also claims numerous safety and technological innovations.


This helmet marks a continuation of the partnership Schuberth and
Schumacher started in F1. Not only did the racer wear their products,
but as an important safety advocate within the sport, also helped bring
about significant changes in them. The partnership culminated in 2004
with the Schuberth RF 1.5, a helmet so strong it survived being run
over by a battle tank. Not only was that helmet safe, but it also was
driver-friendly as well, delivering unprecedented levels of cooling and
aerodynamic stability.

We expect the same features to be present in the Race motorcycle
helmet. The company hasn't released many details yet, but immediately
apparent are the huge grills in the chin piece, hefty center-mounted
visor latch and car helmet-like shape. Judging by these features, we
expect the Race to be exclusively track-oriented, sacrificing
all-weather ability for ultimate ventilation. The visor latch and shape
could be the safety innovations, designed to prevent visor loss and
minimize forces on the neck in an impact, respectively.


We'd welcome a track-specific helmet free of the compromises and
subsequent weight necessary for road use while delivering the maximum
possible level of safety. We'll keep you updated as more details emerge.


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