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500mph is an ambitious goal for anyone, but especially a construction worker from Ohio. For some perspective, that's 140mph faster than the current motorcycle land speed record holder, the Top 1 Ack Attack Streamliner. We're going to go out on a limb and assume Mike Charlton is operating on a slightly smaller budget, so how does he plan to achieve his goal? With a 10,000bhp Westinghouse jet engine. Now, he's one step closer thanks to a completed set of billet aluminum wheels.


Since there isn't a set of tires in the world that'll withstand speeds
of this kind, these wheels are made to roll across the Bonneville Salt
Flats without them. The fins provide directional stability as they dig
into the salt.


Mike's hoping to make it out to Bonneville this fall. We can't wait to
see him run and we'll keep you updated as the 500mph jet bike gets
closer to completion. 

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